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About Us

We The People of The United States of America Will Always be United as One!

We're uniting as one to voice our opinions, start movements, give feedback on our legislators activities and have oversight of them.

  • Results of polls made by the legislators are displayed!
  • Create initiatives that start in locally and can go national!
  • Give feedback on daily updates of the bills they support!

Designed to make it easy for our legislators to know how we feel and what we want, Ashured is the next generation of politics online. The founder is Chris Babayans, and he is committed to serving the people of The United States of America and democracy through technology.

Our Mission

Ashured is a new way for you to connect with your legislators and for them to connect with you! We, The People, are able to express our opinions in three primary ways. The first is by making an inititiave and voice our opinions on initiatiaves that have been made. The second, is by voicing our opinion on Polls our legislators make. The third, is yaying or naying a Bill our legislator is working on. This gives legislators a clear look into what we really want.

Citizen Oversight

Ashured seeks to provide oversight tools to every citizen to give them the ability to make informed decisions at the voting booth

Our Goal

To empower The American People with the ability to create desired legislation effectively for themselves through their legislators as a unified body, prevent foul legislation from becoming law, and effective oversight to do so.

Who's behind this?

Driven to give power to the people, we as Ashured will bring our nations tone in politics back to one of "fraternal brotherhood" as George Washington said it should be. We will keep the platform in our hands.

What does this all mean?

We have a way to hold our legislators accountable, voice our opinions and unite as the people because the only thing this platform is designed for, is Power To The People!

Power to the People

You can be Ashured of your legislator, and have confidence that what they're doing is in your best interest. We provide you tools to so you can be Ashured that what your legislators are doing are in your interest and give them tools to correctly measure the public perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you building a political profile on me?

    No. We are just as disgusted with the privacy invading, data collecting, practices companies use as you are. We believe if a company can't make money without selling your data then they're doing it wrong. Ashured only tracks that you voiced your opinion on something, not what it is. This allows Ashured to prevent one person from dominating the opinion on a subject, and give everyone a fair voice. This also means once you're opinion has been voiced on a topic, it cannot be changed because Ashured will never know what your initial opinion was.

  • How does Ashured make money?

    No ads because business as serious as politics belongs with no other. Ashured is funded by donations, ` our own pockets and purchases of merchandise! Our future plans include allowing political donations to your legislators.

  • How does this work? Why do you need my address?

    Your address is used to find your congressional district & state so Ashured can connect you to the correct legislators. Legislators have their own sign in page where they can create polls only for their constituents, see the bills they've sponsored or cosponsored as well as the yays or nays tallied. We, The People, have our own sign in page where we can create initiatives, view the bills our legislators are supporting, and voice our opinion on the polls they've written. The legislators are supposed to turn our initiatives into bills, attune their behavior based on the yays and nays on bills, and act in line with how we choose in their polls.

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