Ashured declares categories of data to be

1) Essential categorization means the data is necessary for the site to function as intended, such as requiring your address to connect you to the correct legislator.  


Areas where data is collected:

  1. Ashured keeps track of what items you’ve voiced your opinion on to give everyone a fair say. Ashured does not track what your opinion was, and therefore it is impossible to change once submitted.
  2. Ashured does not track who made what initiative.


How Ashured categorizes data:

  1. PII: Including address, phone number, name, DoB and social security number.


Cagegories of Third Party Vendors:

  1. Essential: The only third party vendor utilized connects the address upon registration to the congressional district of your address which is then used to connect you with your legislators!


Areas where data is sent to a third party:


  1. Ashured uses USGeocoder to identify the correct congressional district for your address. Your street number and name as well as state and zip code are sent to them in order for us to connect you to your legislators.


How Ashured protects your data (including SSN):

  1. Ashured uses multiple security techniques you can read about h
  2. Ashured protects the confidentiality of social security numbers by limiting access to the least amount of people, prohibiting unlawful disclosure of social security numbers and protecting the confidentiality of social security numbers.


How Ashured Tracks Your Data:

  1. Ashured tracks if a user participates in a poll, bill or initiative to give everyone a fair say. Ashured also tracks when someone participates on each. Ashured tracks the username, address, congressional district, city, zip code, name, and phone number of a registration form. Ashured tracks the username and time of each login. Ashured tracks the username and when they refresh the home page.


Third parties conducting tracking on Ashured:

  1. None


Policy on DNT Headers:

            1: Ashured does not track neither internally nor through third party websites to provide targeted ads and therefore does not respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signas. Third parties that have embedded content (PayPal for donations) may set cookies on a users browser and/or obtain info about the fact that a browser saw a specified site from a single IP address. Third parties can’t collect no more identify a person information from Ashured unless you give it to them.